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Martial arts Training of Traditional

Korean Martial Arts Nationwide

Soodmand Academy is one of the leading martial arts institute offering training to fitness and martial arts enthusiasts nationwide. I am Master Soodmand, and I am the founder and your instructor at Soodmand Academy. I have more than 35 years of experience in martial arts, fitness training, weight loss plans, and archery. I have trained athletes for the world championship as well.

I believe where there is preparation, there is no fear. Join my academy to train better and get stronger.

Professional Martial Art Master

I am Master Soodmand, your martial art master, Archery instructor, and your fitness trainer, as well as Spiritual master at Soodmand Academy. With more than 35 years of experience in the Korean martial art self-defense system, I aim to bring the art of self-defense to fitness enthusiasts nationwide. I have trained World championship athletes as well as professional bodyguards. I can also offer guided meditation and spiritual healing sessions

Train for a Better You

Tired of your regular fitness routine? Change happens here.

I teach the development of mind and body through the practice of Han Minjok Hapkido preservation and dissemination of Korean traditional martial arts. Upholding the love of country and people and establishing national prestige through sharing of Hapkido overseas is my goal. There are more than 800 member schools nationally and abroad, with over two million Hapkido practitioners that show the pursuit of world peace and reunification of Korea through sharing of Hapkido currently.

About Hapkido

Hapkido is a Korean martial arts form practiced the world over. It is characterized by joint locks, throws, dynamic kicking techniques, and unique among Korean martial arts (Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do), emphasizing deflecting an opponent’s attacks instead of forceful blocking.

Hapkido can be called “anti-martial art.” It was designed as a way to defend against and overcome an attacker with skill in various forms of martial combat.


Hap = Harmony

Ki = Power

Do = Way or Path


We do Archery, and we love it

I am here to share with you Archery skills. Archery is a wonderful art to learn. It keeps your body and minds calm and relaxed.

I started archery in 2010 .

I received my certificate of instruction And continued instructing archers. After immigrating to the USA, I also received my instructor& Judge certificates at USA archery. At Soodmand Academy, we help you to grow to be a great archer and get ready to compete in the Olympic games and take part in international competitions


The body achieves what the mind believes

At Soodmand Academy, through mental and physical techniques, we help you make impressive changes that will affect both mentally and physically your body and your lifestyle. We help you to achieve a better version of you

Meditation and spiritual techniques

Be the flow, not follow the flow. One enlightened candle can enlighten many.

I have been blessed to activate the energy centers of your body in less than 2 minutes.

Through activation of your chakras (energy centers), you can harvest the energy and transfer it to make great changes in your life and others' lives in a positive way.

My spiritual journey started in 2006, and I graduated from the spiritual courses  in 2010.

I helped many people in different countries change from within and find the diamond inside of them.

Mohammad Reza Soodmand