Experienced Hapkido Training

Want to get trained in the ancient Korean martial art form of Hapkido? Sign up for the training sessions at Soodmand Academy. I am Mohammad Soodmand, and I am the founder of Soodmand Academy. I am a professional Hapkido Master with more than 35 years of experience training athletes and celebrities nationwide.

Soodmand Academy

My Qualifications

  • Black belt Dan 7 in Hanminjok Hapkido
  • Trained in South Korea/Germany/Italy/Thailand
  • Certificate of Referee from WKF Grade 1
  • Certificate of Instruction from WKF Grade 1
  • Bodyguard & bodyguard trainer for VIP & celebrities
  • Professional in Korean traditional weapons
  • Archery instructor both for Korean traditional bow & recurve

My Work

I am a self-defense Hapkido Master in the city of Los Angeles department. I immigrated to the USA under the command of GM Seo to spread the true spirit of Hanminjok Hapkido.

Under the command of GM Scott Seo and Sara Seo, head of WKF headquarter in San Francisco, my staff and I trained our team ready from LA to participate in the world championship in South Korea last week of September 2019. Connect With Us